13 February, 2011

jQuery Autocomplete with NetBeans

You can turn on jQuery autocomplete in NetBeans. You have to do it separately for every project.

  1. Open your project properties.
  2. Open PHP Include Path tab, it might be something else for some other language. For an example Python Include Path.
  3. Add a folder which contains jQuery. I usually add my project folder so my functions and classes will be  indexed.
  4. Don't be afraid to use Ctrl+Space. Which brings up the autocomplete menu/options.
jQuery Autocomplete NetBeans


  1. I'm try to do that with a Java project. Do you know how can I do it? Thx!

  2. For a Java Project, open `properties`. In the main `Sources`, on the right under `Source Package Folder`, use `Add Folder` to add the path of jQuery folder, like in my system it is `web\js` & enjoy working....